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Wall Preparation


Wallpaper is actually easy to hang if you and your walls are well prepared.

There are thousands of colours, textures and designs to choose from in the wallcoverings world. In DIY terms there are essentially three types of wallpaper.
Prepasted Wallpaper
The majority of wallpapers on the New Zealand and Australian market are prepasted.
These wallpapers have the adhesive already on the back of the paper. 

Paste the Wall

Paste the Wall
Paste the wall wallpaper means the paste (also called adhesive) is put on to the wall rather
than onto the paper.

Paste the Paper

Paste the Paper
Paste the paper, which means that the paste needs to be applied to the paper.

Always read the instructions on the wallpaper roll label, so you know what type of paper it is and what the manufacturer recommends. Check the label on the roll as to which one of the three methods of installation your paper requires.

Make sure you have the tools you need. Basic equipment you will need:

Paint Roller or Brushes
Trim Knife with sharp blades
Straight Edge (for trimming)
Water trough (for pre-pasted)
Measuring tape
Plumb line or plumb bob
Adhesive (usually recommended by the manufacturer refer to the label)
Wallpaper Size (depends on the type of surface being covered)
Drop cloth 

Wall Preparation

Wall preparation is the most important part. Please take the time to do this. It will make it easier to hang the paper and to get the best result.
The wall surface must be clean, dry and sound, then given a good coat of size (wallpaper undercoat) so that the wallpaper is easy to position and sticks properly. With proper wall preparation you will benefit in good results and make future redecorating easier.



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