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Hanging the Paper


If you have a paste the wall product, you will need to refer to the section - Preparing the paper.
  1. Remember, always start hanging wallpaper nearest the main source of natural light, and work away from it, aiming to finish in a discreet area, such as behind the door. Step up the ladder to the ceiling with your pasted wallpaper and unfold the top portion. Position the paper to correspond with the pencil marks you made on the wall. Press it against the wall, leaving 5cm for trimming along the ceiling edge. Line the paper against your plumb hanging the paperline.
  2. Moving down, stroke the paper against the wall, using a brush or smoother to position the paper. Unfold the bottom of the strip and press it against the wall, again checking it against the plumb line. When you are satisfied with its position, smooth it over fully, removing any air bubbles. Remember do not rush.
  3. Then, use your sharp trim knife to cut any extra paper at the ceiling and floor. Remove any extra paste by carefully sponging it off with clean water.
  4. With the next lengths, slide the paper into position so the pattern (if any) is matched and the joins are butted together. Once you have placed the second strip on the wall, your smoothing brush will help align the seams. Follow this process for the rest of the lengths.
 Dealing with corners
Don’t try to hang a full width of wallpaper around a corner, as they are rarely true. Always hang the paper in two parts.
  1. Measure from the edge of the last strip into the corner, and add another 15mm before you cut the strip of wallpaper to size. This extra 15mm will wrap around the corner onto the next wall.
  2. Start the next strip of paper in the corner, overlapping the 15mm of paper from the last drop.
  3. Use extra adhesive to stick down the overlaps.
Difficult areas
Switches and Power Points: 
  1. Make sure the electricity is turned off, at the mains. Paper straight over the top of the fitting. Then carefully – so you don’t cut into the plastic cover – make two diagonal cuts – from corner to corner – across the fitting.
  2. This forms four flaps, which you can crease against the side of the fitting and then trim off snug against its edges, with your sharp knife.
Windows and Door Frames:
  1. Hang the length of wallpaper so that it overlaps the frame. Make the paper on the actual wall as smooth as possible , then make a diagonal cut in the paper to the corner point of the frame.
  2. Lift the flaps and carefully smooth the paper into the frame’s edges, then crease and trim the paper.
Now, continue on, check from time to time, follow the instructions and don’t rush is the key, and soon you will have a finished room to stand back and admire. Well done you.


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