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Wall Preparation Step 2

  1. Remove any old paper.
  2. Repair any imperfections in the wall with plaster, and sand it smooth using 80 grit sandpaper. Remove the dust using a soft brush.
  3. Apply an oil-based pigmented sealer if you have chosen a light coloured paste-the-wall paper to stop the plasterboard colour possibly showing through.
  4. If the wall is porous, brush the wall surface with a liberal coat of size and let it dry. This makes it much easier to position the wallpaper when it is time to start hanging.
  5. Now work out how you will hang the wallpaper before you start hanging. Always work away from the main source of light, aiming to finish in a discreet area, such as behind the door. With patterned wallpaper, you will want to start in the middle of the wall that has the most noticeable feature – such as a fireplace – and again, plan to finish in an inconspicuous area to avoid a mismatch if you have to cut the paper to fit. Feel a change of heart coming on, you could use your spare time doing what you want to do and leave it to our professional installers.
  6. Make a plumb line – a straight line device that professionals – will ensure that even if your ceilings or floors are not level, the wallpaper will still be straight. Always hang your first strip of paper next to a plumb line. Firstly, measure of the width of your paper. Then, measure the same distance out from the corner in the direction you intend working. Now, come back 15mm towards the corner from the narrowest point of the plumb line, and make a mark closer to the ceiling. Next drive in a small nail to hang the plumb line from. Once it is steady, mark the wall – just heavy enough for you to see and not to show through the paper – behind the plumb line every 20 to 30cm down the length of the line to the floor. This will give you a perfectly straight vertical line to hang your first strip of wallpaper against.
  7. Cutting the paper, firstly check that each roll is the same design and batch number, and whether you have to allow for a pattern match.
    Random Match Half drop Match Straight Match
    Random Match Half drop Match Straight Match
    No repeat
    Pattern Repeat 
    Straight across pattern repeat
  8. Dark-coloured wallpaper may need the edges of the roll coloured using a slightly lighter shade of chalk or pastel to prevent any white edges showing.
  9. Measure one wall from the skirting or bottom edge up the ceiling and add 10cm to allow for trimming.  Note; if you have bought paste-the-wall paper skip to that section. 
  10. Now cut the first length. Use this length as your guide for cutting the rest of the paper into lengths. Allow for a pattern match if needed.


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