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Released in September 2019
Manufactured in the UK by Fine Decor

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Tropic Exotic

Released in  August  2019
An Aspiring Walls FOCUS collection
Proudly brought to you by Aspiring Walls

tropic_exotic tropic_exotic tropic_exotic tropic_exotic tropic_exotic

Welcome to the jungle! Images of lush floral and fauna combine to produce the popular trend of Tropic Exotic.
Aspiring Walls has brought together, in one collection, the best of this trend from our international suppliers to make for an easier option in selecting the right design to dress your walls.

Released in July 2019
Made in The Netherlands by Eijffinger

lounge lounge lounge lounge lounge lounge

Take a suitcase of dreams home with the Lounge collection inspirations from all corners of the world translated into luxurious designs. Glamour with an unpolished edge. Enjoy nomadic chic adventures with a bohemian twist at home. 


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